By: Brian Evans

In recent days, the Democrats have sounded like a scratched record, as they make the claim that Republicans are the Party of Jim Crow, and they throw race around incessantly, sounding off across every Mainstream Media news channel, in Congress, from the White House, and now even emanating from Corporate boardrooms!

It is quite ironic, being the democrats spent the past decade declaring that corporations are in bed with Republicans, which now has become evident that it was a blatant lie, as they have shown that they have been in bed with Democrat Marxists, as they try to destroy the small business owners and consolidate their own power and wealth! Also, the irony abounds being that the anti-black racist laws of the Jim Crow era emanated from the DNC itself! In fact, notes that the term “Jim Crow” typically refers to repressive laws and customs once used to restrict Black Americans’ rights, and it was the Democrats in America who unanimously opposed Civil Rights, black voting rights, fought to keep black Americans enslaved, and envisioned and implemented city-style plantations known as ‘slums’, specifically designed to keep black Americans poor and dependent on the government, as they are forced to vote for the Democrats to get hand outs for survival! It is a modern day form of slavery, and is unforgivable in the way that they have treated blacks and other minorities, while maliciously lying to them about who was responsible, as they shifted their own shameful actions on political opponents!

Since then, the Democrats have utilized bait and switch tactics designed to alter the perceptions of Americans, making the racists appear unracist, and pinning their own racist actions on those to the right of the political spectrum, who spent decade after decade, year after year, fighting for true equality for all, regardless of race, sex, or other factors!

Today, the Democrats continue on their charade as they divide and even create subsets of races, genders, and lifestyles, as they divide and segment society into as small of a group as possible; thus, allowing them to more easily control the divided masses! After all, United we Stand…Divided we Fall!

The now blatantly radical left has created Marxist groups, designed to be their disrupters and dividers, who are tasked with creating chaos, division, fear, and hate! They name them with racially based names like “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa” aka…”Anti-Fascists”, so it further confuses, angers, and divides Americans!

Now, you have President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, all calling any pro-America, pro-freedom actions by Republicans “Jim Crow” laws, as they try to confuse Americans, re-write their own legacy of hate and racism, all while further taking actions that target all races, all genders, and all faiths!

In fact, on Tuesday, President Joe Biden reiterated the Democrat Party’s claim that Georgia Republicans and other Republican led states who are passing laws to discourage voter fraud are guilty of enacting “new Jim Crow laws” , which he adds… “are just antithetical to who we are.” However, factual history shows that Biden and his left-wing comrades in the Democrat Party are the perpetrators of hate…the malefactor’s of malfeasance, the committers of crime, and the resonator’s of racism, and the culprit’s of crime!

Sadly, Joe Biden promised to heal a divided nation. However, his actions and now words spread hatred, racism, and anti-Constitutional ideals that have sadly been a cornerstone of the Democrat Party for decades now, as they fought against freeing the blacks! Fought against civil rights of blacks and women, and so much more!

Combine their use of racism, with their use of Covid-19 to promote corporate businesses during COVID-19, while ordering small businesses to shut their doors, leading many to insolvency and bankruptcy! As a result, multi-billion dollar companies like WalMart, Amazon, and others grew by Billions of dollars in value, as mom and pop stores, who are the cornerstone of America’s economy and the biggest job producers for the American workers, were left in ruins!

Today, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and their Democrat comrades say that voter id laws are racist and divisive, but not only is an id required for flying on an airline, to drive a car, to get into secure facilities like sporting events, etc., but even 73% of black Americans polled this week FAVOR THE USE OF PHOTO IDENTIFICATION TO VOTE! Why do Democrats constantly DEGRADE MINORITIES AND BLACK AMERICANS? Why do they insinuate that they are not smart enough to get or use an identification? Why do Democrat-controlled schools say Math is racist because minorities cannot be expected to get the right answer! I MYSELF FIND IT INCREDIBLY IRREPREHENSIBLE, DISGUSTING, AND RACIST!

Combine that with Democrats pushing for and stripping a predominantly black community in Atlanta, Georgia of the MLB All-Star game, citing what they call “racist” voter id laws, and then celebrating its move to an almost entirely white community in Colorado! In addition, the MLB has made deals with the communist Chinese who have one of the most racist and un-democratic records in the world, as well as, they have one of the most heinous human rights records in history! Therefore, under that expectation, the Democrat Party and their wealthy corporate elitists are actually the racists! Fortunately for the left, the Mainstream Media provides cover for their hate-driven and racist statements, beliefs, and agenda!

Today, you have corporations like Apple call voter id laws racist, yet they manufacture and control technology that promotes Chinese human rights violations, and its Marxist iron fist over the freedoms of their people! You have Delta and American Airlines slam voter id laws, yet they will not let anyone board their planes without identification, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc. You have a Coca Cola who repeatedly fights against freedom and Constitutional law yet they slam voter identification at polling locations! You have schools forcing women to compete with men who simply claim to be female! You have little girls being forced to use restrooms with biological boys, and warn them that if they complain…they will be accused of being intolerant and hateful!

Sadly, it is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, when the corporations, the media, and the hate-driven and racist Nazi government, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, joined forces to confiscate small businesses, exterminated teachers, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, and others who they deemed were unfit. Today, we see corporate companies going to bed with big government and media, as they drive the small business owners out of business, thus enriching the left-wing corporate businesses in America, and as they empower and enrich the already wealthy elitists who made their fortunes on the back of the American workers and small business owners!

Unfortunately, many Americans continue to remain blind to this reality, as they simply follow Mainstream Media sites like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or PBS, and other Mainstream Media outlets who have willingly coalesced around the false narrative that has been written and propagated by the now radical left-wing Marxist Democrat Party!

Ultimately, to save America, it is up to each and every American, regardless of sex, color, creed, wealth, religion, or age, to be willing to stand up, make our voices heard, and loudly fight for our freedom…defend the future of our children, grandchildren, and many more generations to come!

However, if we allow the Democrats to divide us, and then further sub-divide us, into as small of groups as possible, we will be divided and against one another rather than unified for a common good! Then, as a result…’DIVIDED, WE WILL FALL’ and then we will be witness to the end of the America we once knew, as an era of Fascist-style Marxism will consume our nation, resulting in the land of the free being chained, and the home of the brave will become the home of trepidation!