If Democrats are going to survive in the future, they need more than Portland and Chicago to support them. They need to maintain a hold on swing states if they hope to make it through 2022. But they don’t seem to be doing what it takes to win over folks in these areas.

Moderate House Democrats see the writing on the wall. Idiots like AOC keep shooting their mouths off, upsetting millions of Americans. If the party keeps bowing to the far-left, many voters will turn their backs.

And it looks like it’s already happening in places Democrats desperately need.

From The Hill:

The latest voter registration numbers out of Florida show Democrats’ long-held voter registration advantage over Republicans shrinking to less than 24,000, down from about 100,000 at the beginning of the year.

The state Democratic Party is also facing a yawning fundraising gap with the Florida GOP. Some national donors are taking a wait-and-see approach to political giving in the Sunshine State after a disappointing 2020 cycle for Democrats that saw the party’s 2018 gains virtually wiped out.