Supreme Court justices were told on Aug. 4 in an amicus curiae brief that some medical research laboratories use racial quotas in buying body parts from unborn babies killed via live dismemberment in abortions.

“Even though 4-month-old infants in the womb move, kick, suck their thumbs, hiccup, and demonstrate a readily discernable heartbeat and brainwaves, and even though the Constitution guarantees that ‘neither slavery nor involuntary servitude’ shall exist in America nor that any person be deprived of life without due process of law … these same children can be routinely killed through live dismemberment abortions or trafficked and sold for experimental use,” claimed the brief, which was submitted on behalf of undercover journalist David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

“These abortions already disproportionately affect poor and minority communities and some laboratories specifically set quotas for aborted fetuses based on race.”

The brief was prepared by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund in partnership with the Thomas More Society, the Chicago-based public interest law firm that

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