Private corporations now hold power over U.S. elections that is not accountable to the American voters. Secretive privately owned, profit-driven voting machine companies can withhold source codes, data, and security passwords from voters without recourse. They can veto any legal attempt at transparency and accountable, such as denying subpoenaes from elected officials.

A letter send from Dominion President & CEO John Poulos to lawyer Kory Langhofer demonstrates this disturbing reality: The American people no longer even control their own elections. This is the lesson of Dominion Voting Systems’ response to the Arizona Senate’s subpoena for election-related servers and passwords on Monday.

“I am responding on behalf of Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. (“Dominion”) to a July 23, 2021 letter from Senate President Karen Fann purporting to issue a “public records request” to Dominion under the Arizona Pulic Records Law (“the Law”),” Dominion replied.

“Dominion is not a public officer or public body and, therefore, has no obligation to make its records available for public inspection,” the letter continued.

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