There is much debate over the controversial contention that the United States, at its very core, is racist.  The contention by many on the Left, the media, and uninformed regular citizens is that America not only has racists among its citizens—but rather that America at its core is fundamentally/systemically racist.  The argument by Black Lives Matter, leaders in the 1619 Project, and proponents of Critical Race Theory is that America’s basic institutions—its legal system, educational entities, and American culture as a whole are fundamentally unfair and oppress people of color.  They argue that the very systems foundational to our way of life together are irredeemably racist.  Their contention opposes the counter-argument that, while America—like any country—has racists in it, America is not systemically racist.

The so-called proponents of anti-racism and fairness have pushed Americans into their racial corners. At a time when we need unity more than ever, we are being divided on the basis of skin color and ethnicity by people who claim they are against evaluating people on the basis of skin color and ethnicity. And just when we need our chief diplomat and official representative to the world, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to promote the stand of our nation—which is, by far, the most inclusive and fair-minded nation on earth—on freedom and equality, he, instead, invites the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to officially investigate the scourge of racism and injustice in America.  This council is a farce and cruel joke, as its membership includes Iran, Russia, Cuba, and China, among other nations that are notorious violators of basic human rights.  But Secretary Blinken believes we need to be held accountable by them.

Secretary Blinken’s request that the United States be investigated is an insult to every American.  It belies the fact that the United States is quite capable—and willing—to hold accountable anyone who promotes racist ideas and acts on them.  One need only point to the police officer who is in prison today after the killing of George Floyd last year.  We are one of only a few nations that will not tolerate hateful acts based on racial prejudice and that routinely investigates and prosecutes those who break the law and discriminate against people of color.  Further, Blinken’s request surrenders U.S. sovereignty and independence.  He invites nations with deplorable records on human rights to investigate the United States; that is both naïve and dangerous.

Last year our Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow and a team

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