In the report that followed minutes later, senior Washington correspondent Hallie Jackson giddily declared: “They’ve walked out before in May, but this is the farthest they’ve gone, literally and figuratively, putting a national spotlight on what they see as a dangerous attack on democracy.” The reporter then briefly noted “Their critics calling it a stunt.”

Ditching their state overnight, potentially risking arrest when they get back, Texas state Democrats blocking Republican bills on voting rights with a walkout gone airborne….Arriving in Washington, more than 50 state lawmakers on a pair of private planes from Austin, their absence now preventing Texas Republicans from passing those voting bills, since they’d need two-thirds of the chamber present….With the dramatic departure, the Democrats hope to highlight their mission and put pressure on Congress to act.

Amid the glowing narration, a clip played of the shameless Democrats singing “We Shall Overcome.”

After a soundbite ran of Texas Democratic State Representative Chris Turner demanding Congress “pass strong federal voter protection legislation” immediately, Jackson lamented:

The U.S. Senate stalled on a sweeping plan that would protect voting rights. Republicans don’t support it and not enough Democrats want to change the Senate rules to pass it along party lines. But Texas Democrats are all but begging for backup.

Wrapping up the segment, she promoted how the White House was planning to respond: “Now, President Biden in Philadelphia today, planning to use the power of his bully pulpit in a speech focusing on voting rights.” Jackson teased some of the extreme rhetoric the President would be hurling during the address: “And NBC News has learned that the President in those remarks today will blast those new Republican-backed voting bills as the most egregious attempts to harm the integrity of our democracy since the Civil War, according to a White House source.”

On Monday evening, NBC Nightly News actually managed to refrain from cheerleading for Texas Democrats, even as CBS Evening News and ABC’s World News Tonight were quick to pull out their poms-poms. Apparently Tuesday’s Today show was just trying to catch up.

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