By: Brian Evans

I recently had a friend respond to my support for Trump by stating “Really? Are you?“

Apparently, they think anyone who supports President Trump or opposes the Democrat Party and their objectives as ‘stupid’, but it made me realize that I need to express my reasoning and why I support this great man, and his ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda! Therefore, this was my response to him…

Yes, I am an independent free thinker. I believe in evidence-based information rather than anonymous sources! I believe all lives, races, and genders matter rather than supporting groups that divide and spread hate! I support President Trump because he stands up for America’ and ‘We the People’ by supporting the Constitution rather than a Democrat Party which has repeatedly been exposed as rife with corruption, hate, racism, greed, and a lust for power, putting their own Party and self-interests first!

I support Trump because he supports our troops and a strong military rather than making it a weak social justice experiment!

I support Trump because he is a strong leader of the world by creating peace treaties rather than giving billions to terror-sponsored nations like Iran, or terror organizations like HAMAS!

I support Trump because he stands up for women’s rights rather than claiming to do so…all while demoralizing women and little girls like Biden does repeatedly…or supporting men who compete in and destroy women’s sports!

Yes, Trump has been blamed for everything under the sun, from Russia Collusion to sex scandals, to Ukrainian corruption by the Establishment Mainstream Media, only to find out that it was Biden who bribed Ukrain on live TV, as well as, Democrats and Biden who caved to and enabled Russian power and energy supply chains! Not to mention, the Mainstream Media has repeatedly proven to be promoting political propaganda targeting Trump, but they don’t like to talk about that after their allegations are proven false! The list could go on and on… therefore I will!

I support Trump because he was making our borders secure, rather than encouraging illegal immigration that puts children and families in the hands of dangerous drug cartels, or puts Americans, and American jobs at risk. NATIONS HAVE BORDERS FOR A REASON! I support Trump because he ended Barack Obama’s child separation policy, only to have Biden spiral the border out of control and put more children and families at risk!

I support Trump because he not only stands up for law enforcement, but he also stands up to politically appointed bureaucrats who have been corrupting the upper echelon of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and other federal agencies! I put my faith and trust in local law enforcement that is close to those they serve and protect over federal government law enforcement agencies who are corrupted from the top down by anti-American self-serving bureaucrats!

I wasn’t sure that I supported President Trump when he first ran, as I fell for the radical propaganda coming from politically motivated so-called journalists of the Mainstream Media. However, over time I realized that although President Trump doesn’t speak like a politician, THAT IS BECAUSE HE ISN’T A POLITICIAN! In fact, just as our Founding Fathers intended, he is just an American who ran for President, not because he wanted to gain financially, or win power, but because he is just like the majority of Americans who want to protect and preserve the Constitution and all that it stands for! He is fighting for each and every American’s rights under that Constitution! Does Trump have anything to gain? ABSOLUTELY! He seeks to protect not only his legacy but preserve the legacy of every American who wants to work hard and strive for something better…just as he did! THAT IS WHY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WANT TO COME TO AMERICA!

Sadly, while President Trump tried to unify America and Americans of all walks of life, all backgrounds, all races, and all sexes, Democrats and their supporting groups like Antifa, the Congressional Squad, BLM, other organizations, and Democrat members themselves have tried to pit race against race, sex against sex, parents against children, old against young, and the faith-based-community against the non-faith-based! After all, the Democrats and their Socialist and Marxist followers subscribe to the divide and conquer strategy!

Trump certainly didn’t do it for the money like the Mainstream Media claimed, as his net worth dropped by one-third during his Presidency, decreasing by $3.5 Billion, as Americans net worth increased…that is until Biden took over!

Trump certainly didn’t do it for glory, as he and his family have been shamefully bashed, demoralized, lied about, and attacked like no President ever has in history!

Trump certainly didn’t do it for power, as he has been threatened by every swamp creature in the corrupt Democrat bastions of New York and the federal government!

Ultimately, I love Trump as a leader, not because of his wealth, but because he talks to America, and when he says he will do something…HE DOES IT…rather than lie to American voters to get elected, only to do the opposite after they are in office, like most Democrats, and even RINO Republicans have been doing for years!

Therefore, if anyone hates Trump, they will obviously hate me as well, as I stand by him, support his agenda, and love the America First movement he has created.

Does that mean that I agree with him 100% of the time! Absolutely not, as nobody agrees with all the decisions of any President or political leader! However, I support 99% of his policies, and believe that he has been one of the greatest and most important leaders in American history!

In the end, I have unfortunately lost a few friends and family over my support for a great leader like President Trump and for putting America first, but I respectively put God, family, and country first and foremost in my life, as they are the most important and consequential ideals for mankind! In addition, I believe that disagreement and compromise were what made our nation great, not shutting out others who refuse to think alike, as that is characteristic of Communist and Fascist nations.