Dr. Anthony Fauci is reaping the whirlwind of 15 months of public deceit and obfuscation that recently came to light in the wake of publicly released emails stemming from the heart of the pandemic. Despite the media’s hush-jobs, puff pieces, and ignoring the brewing scandal altogether — there were zero questions about it at Wednesday’s White House presser — the truth is slowly coming out. As it always does, eventually.

The heightened public scrutiny of Dr. Fauci, who became the face of the U.S. COVID-19 response and the nation’s highest-paid bureaucrat, is starting to cause a slow-walk of exposure. Some say that Fauci’s retirement may be imminent. The National Institutes of Health director may want to ride off into the sunset, collect his millions from book deals and investments, and revel in the afterglow of public glory.

There may be a change of plans. As reported by Just the News on Wednesday, it appears that both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have scrubbed the listings for an upcoming release called “Expect the Unexpected.” It’s a fitting title for a book that was set to be released in November, following what was presumed to be a relatively uneventful fawning media tour at the sunset of his career.

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