The Biden administration has already done some pretty despicable things. But this one is a topper. They are taking minor illegal immigrant kids, without any adult accompanying them, and dropping them off all across America in the middle of the night. They fly them to cities then put them on buses headed to other cities without the knowledge of local governments or even any notice where they are going to the kids themselves.

If an adult did that to an American minor it would be considered child abuse and the adult would be jailed. But the Biden administration does it with impunity. If Trump had done this we would have heard how cruel and heartless he was and CNN would have broadcast 24/7 film of crying kids headed off to be dumped off without their parents or any other adult accompanying them. But Biden does this horrible thing to kids and it is ignored. And the kids themselves, in this country by the direction of irresponsible parents and relatives, must be terrified. But no problem if Biden wills it so.

And what happens to the kids when they get to their ultimate destinations? Are they put in foster homes or children homes? Do they wind up on the streets or victims of human trafficking? And who pays for this travesty? You do. Here is the case in Tennessee.

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