If the Progressives (socialists, globalists, Deep State) were hoping President Trump would go quietly into that dark night, they are sadly mistaken.  If the Progressives were praying that Trump would cower in obscurity after November of 2020, their prayers have not been answered.  If the Progressives were dreaming that Trump and the Trumpsters would never be heard from again, their dreams have become a nightmare.

Rather than looking like John Adams or Jimmy Carter or Bush 41, Trump is showing a remarkable resemblance to President Andrew Jackson.  The political histories are remarkably similar.  As we approach the first 100 days since Biden was suspiciously placed into office, President Trump and the MAGA nation have done anything but concede, anything but beg for forgiveness, and anything but accept the fraudulent results of the 2020 presidential election.  As Trump might quote Andy Jackson, these first 100 days with Biden resemble another “corrupt bargain,” and he’s not going to stand for it.  It appears that patriots are not going to stand for it, either. 

Trump has summoned politicians, donors, Trumpsters, MAGA nation, and potential rivals to Mar-a-Lago to map out the political future.  Trump is endorsing governors, congressmen, senators, attorneys general, and secretaries of state.  Trump appears to be all in for the off-year elections of 2022 and the presidential election of 2024, and he wants to make sure he controls as many of the chess pieces as possible.

By doing this and appearing so certain, Trump freezes the rest of the possible GOP candidates for 2024.  They cannot move if there is a likely Trump candidacy for re-election in 2024.  The most obvious examples of this are Nikki Haley and Mike Pence.  Trump is supporting “his” populist candidates, building up plenty of political IOUs and favors, and trying to build a framework, legal system, and culture such that the presidency cannot be stolen from him…again.

When Donald Trump took the office of president in January of 2017, one of the first things he did was to put up a bust of former president Andrew Jackson.  A current president giving a shout-out to President Jackson seemed odd.  Old Hickory certainly is not much favored in today’s woke history and politically correct politics.  But upon further analysis, Trump and Jackson do seem similar.  Jackson was a populist; put America First; loved America; was foul-mouthed; despised the corrupt ruling class despite his own wealth; and was insanely hated by the Washington, D.C. permanent class.  Trump like Jackson, was never accepted by the refined and cultured circles of the D.C. elite.

One thing President Trump did not know back in January of 2017 was just how

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