The BLM-Antifa mob was out in force again last night after the previous night of rioting and looting.

This time they are blaming their looting of convenience stores and Foot Locker shoe store on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

20-year-old Wright was shot and later died after he fled from police at a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

The police officer was later identified as Kimberly Potter. She allegedly shot Daunte thinking she was holding a stun gun.

Potter resigned from the police force two days after the shooting.

And by Wednesday leftist thugs were posting her home address online.

Local police were forced to erect a fence around her house to protect it from the violent leftists in the area.

The Daily Mail reported:

Police guarded the property of Officer Kimberly Potter as Daunte Wright protests turned violent Tuesday night, with demonstrators clashing with police in Minneapolis while Portland’s police union building was set on fire.

Potter’s five-bedroom house was surrounded with protective fencing after protesters leaked her address online as outrage mounts against the veteran cop who allegedly mistook a taser for a gun when she fatally shot Wright, 20, a black man.

Wright’s killing, just 10 miles from the scene of George Floyd’s death last May in Minneapolis, led to unrest in Minnesota and nationwide. The trial of Derek Chauvin, the first of four police officers charged in Floyd’s death, is ongoing in the city.

At least 60 people were arrested at protests in Portland, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago overnight on Tuesday.

Curfews had been in place for Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Crystal, Columbia Heights, New Hope and Maple Grove from 10pm local time, but had done little to stem the demonstrators.

The Ashli Babbit family has yet to be told the name of the killer of their daughter in the US Capitol on January 6th.

Source: Far Left Goons Leak Home Address of Brooklyn Center Officer Kim Potter’s Home Online — Police Forced to Erect Fence Around Home