Text messages have now proven that Obama’s senior FBI officials involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax perpetrated against President Donald Trump had very ‘cozy’ relationships with the news media.  According to reports, the texts also prove that their false and misleading press leaks often backfired, resulting in many scandals.

Now, according to one award-winning journalist who has been closely following the cases since before Trump’s 2017 inauguration, we may be getting very close to indictments within a matter of weeks if things fall into place.

Maria Bartiromo hosting journalist John Solomon on her Sunday Morning Futures Fox News TV Show

Journalist John Solomon appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show on Fox News.  There, he noted that “text messages make clear that the senior executives in the Comey/McCabe FBI–those who had political ambitions in political bias, were on a first-name basis with reporters.  They had–according to their own text messages, a leak strategy…They were creating a false Russia narrative–a narrative that they knew was blatantly false.  They knew they didn’t have any connection between Trump and Russia.  They knew that Carter Page hadn’t met with the people that Christopher Steele said. “They knew the steel dossier was garbage, and yet they continued to let those stories sit in the public realm and create a false perception for two and a half years really hampering  the early presidency of Donald Trump.”

Bartiromo and Solomon go through the text messages from anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page and an unnamed FBI agent.  In the messages, Page says of a recent unnamed news report:

Text message between an unnamed FBI agent and FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, regarding a news story on the Russia collusion Hoax

“I’m glad it was so superficial. If they decide to start digging deep, we are screwed.”

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