JUST IN: Chinese officials forced American diplomats to undergo an anal swab for COVID-19 testing… Beijing cliams tests were conducted “in error,” according to the State Department.

Lat week, U.S. officials said some American personnel in China complained that they were being subjected to anal swab tests for the Chinese Coronavirus by communist Chinese authorities.

A State spokesperson responded to a request for comment from The Hill by saying that the department “never agreed” to such tests and had protested directly to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs following complaints from staff.

“The State Department never agreed to this method of testing and protested directly to the MFA [Ministry for Foreign Affairs] when we learned that some U.S. Mission personnel were subjected to it,” the spokesperson said.

“We have received assurances from MFA that this testing was conducted in error and that diplomatic personnel are exempt from this requirement. Our guidance to diplomatic personnel remains the same as it has always been: to decline this test if it is asked of them.

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