John Earl Sullivan was paid thousands of dollars for his explosive footage of the January 6th Capitol riots by three major media companies, despite evidence of him having participated in a criminal act.

Sullivan, a self-style ‘revolutionary’ who had taken public positions supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter, had captured footage of the Capitol riots deadly shooting of Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt. The unique footage was criminal evidence of public importance and a trove of it was made publicly available by John Earle Sullivan himself. A judge recently ruled that Sullivan was allowed to use social media during trial, an opportunity that he took advantage of recently.

As reported earlier at Becker News in an article that produced “receipts” of his media business transactions, based on a story broken by Politico:

The defendant, John Sullivan of Utah, has maintained that he attends raucous demonstrations as a journalist, sharing videos through his Insurgence USA website and social media platforms. Sullivan’s defense attorney even filed invoices with the court showing that CNN and NBC each paid Sullivan’s firm $35,000 last month for rights to video he filmed of chaotic scenes outside and inside the Capitol, including the deadly shooting of protester Ashli Babbitt by a U.S. Capitol Police officer.

Another invoice that was submitted by the defense attorney was one for ABC: Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The February 12, 2021 invoice submitted shows the amount: $2,500.

Nonetheless, CNN had both Sullivan and a freelance documentary photojournalist who was with him named Jade Sacker on the network during the heat of the capitol riots fallout and gave an uncritical interview.

The CNN transcript from January 6th, the day of the Capitol riot, shows no serious questioning of Sullivan by Anderson Cooper about his participation in the riots, despite his footage saying he had a “knife” and that had a number of times shouted phrases inciting the riot like “burn it down.” This was the conclusion of the CNN interview:

OK. Obviously, it’s very chaotic. I appreciate talking to you. We’re obviously trying to — I know there’s some other angles on this and we’re trying to learn more information about exactly what happened. I appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

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