This is an update on a continuing story.

Now that Biden is “President” (ahhhhhhhhlegedly) the National Guard troops should be LEAVING Washington, D.C. and heading back home, right?

Yet the opposite appears to be happening.

Yes, some are leaving but more are still coming.


Here is the latest, from February

And check this out, the Supreme Court.

Does this look like America?

Or like a third-world dictatorship?about:blank

What in the world is going on?

And from just a few days ago, here are 700 National Guard droops have been deployed from the Massachusetts National Guard to D.C.

From Boston25 News:

Members of the Massachusetts National Guard will be providing assistance in Washington D.C. beginning this week at the request of the Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, and the Secret Service.

On Monday, Governor Charlie

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