The definition of insanity:

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.

We saw this in the 2020 election and so it’s no surprise that it’s happening again.  The Dominion voting machines in Georgia reported glitches:

This happened across the country and in all instances the ‘glitch’ went against President Trump:

With the same systems, the same machines, and the same corrupt individuals running the election, what would you expect to happen?  Now today we have identified more system glitches occurring in the Georgia Senate race last night.  These glitches are related to the percent of votes counted being reduced in the race:

FOX News reported the results in the Georgia Senate race with 79% of all votes reporting.  Then just like that the vote percentages reporting were reduced to 76% reporting:

The concern here is that the total percent of votes counted was reduced so additional votes can be inserted into the election to offset the losses the Democrats are incurring in the race at that point in time.  The Democrats need to insert more votes into the election and so the percentage of votes being counted is reduced.

Here we go again.

Source: It’s Happening Again – Total Vote Counts in Georgia Senate Race Reported at 79% Then Suddenly Reduced to 76%