Tom Fitton was on Newsmax last night and he shared what some of us have been reporting on for months – that Hunter Biden and the Biden Family are corrupt and connected to China.  There is no way an individual who is involved in criminal acts with a foreign country should ever get near the White House.

Fitton was on with Newsmax and he shared the following:

This was a corrupt suppression of a news story to help a favored political candidate.  And it’s not just a Hunter Biden scandal and a Joe Biden scandal, and I guess a James Biden scandal, Vice President Biden’s brother.  It’s an FBI scandal, a Justice Department scandal, because they covered this up prior to the election.

It’s a Congressional scandal.  Remember Adam Schiff tried to remove President Trump from office for asking questions about Biden corruption that were well founded.  And now the media, we’re supposed to believe the media’s analysis of this scandal.  I tell you what, the American people have been ill-served by the media that purports to represent them.  You can’t trust the media to tell you the truth about anything.”

Source: “This Is a RICO Case and It Involves Potentially the Incoming President of the United States, Assuming He’s Installed” – Tom Fitton on Hunter Biden’s Criminal Case