Former vice president Joe Biden delivered a speech on Monday night demanding that President Trump concede the election to him despite irregularities in multiple states.

Good old Joe from Scranton’s bitter rant was televised nationally on the day that the Electoral College voted to move him one step closer to occupying the White House and instead of a call for unity, the 49-year inhabitant of the swamp attacked his nemesis.

Now that it is no longer necessary to portray himself like a kind old uncle in order to dup low-information white voters, the cranky old man from the campaign trail who clashed with voters during the primaries made a return.

Lunchbucket Joe raged against Trump, accusing him of an “unprecedented assault on democracy” although that “democracy” is more akin to that of a corrupt hellhole like Ukraine that Biden was responsible for when he was Barack Obama’s second banana.

In a 13-minute speech that was punctuated with him clearing his throat, Biden invoked “democracy” which used to mean free and fair elections that weren’t tainted by the stench of fraud.

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