Although Sidney Powell has been mocked, slandered and scorned by the left, she is still fighting harder than ever before.

Now, the federal appeals court in Atlanta has granted an expedited review of the Dominion voting systems after the lawsuit that Powell filed last week. The lawsuit alleged that Dominion voting machines are insecure and allow foreign agents to meddle in the U.S. election.

Here’s the scoop from Bloomberg:

Former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell’s attempt to force Georgia officials to allow a forensic examination of voting machines that she claims are central to a vast and implausible election fraud conspiracy will get an expedited review from the federal appeals court in Atlanta.

Powell appealed after a judge declined to immediately grant her request for a temporary restraining order forcing audits of Georgia’s Dominion Voting Systems Inc. machines, which she claims have ties to “communist money” and the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. The court on Wednesday granted her emergency motion to expedite briefings on whether it will even hear the case at such an early stage.

This is still a developing story. Check back for more updates…

Source: BOOM: Federal Court Expedites Sidney Powell’s Request For Forensic Exam Of Dominion Voting Machines