Here are six key aspects of the Michael Flynn case that expose the travesty of justice the Obama-Biden administration executed.

On Wednesday, President Trump pardoned an innocent man. Just before Thanksgiving, he signed an executive grant of clemency that provided Michael Flynn a full pardon and ended the criminal case against the retired lieutenant general.

Yet justice has not been served. And it may never be served. Justice for Michael Flynn requires something our country no longer possesses: an honest press.

Justice for Flynn requires the public to understand how the Obama-Biden administration, political appointees, career employees, special counsel attorneys, and a federal judge sought to destroy a war hero’s life to wreak revenge on Flynn for his service to Trump—and with a hope that Flynn’s demise would trigger Trump’s destruction. Justice for Flynn requires that those involved in this scandal be the object of public scorn.

The corporate media has refused to tell Americans the truth, so I will. And the damning facts go much beyond the evidence U.S. Attorney Jeff Jensen, whom Attorney General William Barr charged with investigating the prosecution of Flynn, discovered. Here are six key aspects of the Flynn case the press buried that expose the travesty of justice heaped upon Flynn.

1. Special Counsel Threatened Flynn’s Son to Extract a Guilty Plea

When President Trump announced he was pardoning Flynn, the media took refuge in Flynn’s prior guilty plea to continue branding Flynn a criminal.

Yes, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversation with the Russian ambassador.  When Judge Emmet Sullivan took over the case after Flynn pleaded guilty, Flynn stood by that plea when Sullivan questioned…

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