A concerned Pennsylvania citizen forwarded an email to the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party with the following message:

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After a friend sent me this story (see below) with evidence of live CNN coverage, of Trump suddenly and inexplicably losing votes (with almost 20,000 in one PA instance), curious me (who’d have loved to be a journalist as much as the tennis coach I am) wanted to check this out for myself, by finding a live stream of election results.

In doing so and I came up with two more instances in PA on top the three in the story below, one at ‘23.37’ on election night and the other a little later at ‘00.10’. However, what struck me was how in the later instance (which I have screen shotted and attached here), I can see no other explanation than thousands of votes were stolen from Jo Jorgensen and given to Joe Biden. How else could Trump lose 19 votes, while Joe Biden gains over 5,000 votes and his percentage not fall, but go up from ‘56%’ to ‘57%’?

And if there is no explanation, it begs these questions. 1. How did they do it?  2. Did this only happen this one time in PA? and 3. Did it happen in other swing states or indeed was it hundreds of thousands of votes right across the country?

Here is the saved live stream link of results I used, if you or any others what to check it out. It is frustrating that no one includes the Libertarian count.  

Here is the Gateway Pundit piece attached with the email above:

In response to the email above, the Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania shared the following:

Thank you for reaching out. I’ll outline the reasoning we were given for the vote counts and the steps we are taking to ensure elections integrity. It is not a satisfying answer for many people, but it is the best focus of our limited resources.

The LPPA reached out to the Board of Elections about this on the evening it happened. In Western Pennsylvania votes for Biden were accidentally awarded to Jorgensen and then the error was realized and the tally was corrected. This is a plausible reason and our board accepted it at face value as an honest error. Vote counts reported by the media on election night are unofficial. We have seen similar glitches in almost every election cycle.

…Also, the LPPA achieved minor party status with our vote counts, which was the very best outcome we could have hoped for. The missing votes would have no impact on this outcome…

All of that said, your concerns about election integrity are valid. The entire process is corrupt. This year the LPPA sued for ballot access relief because lock down orders prevented us from gathering signatures. The Democrats intervened in our case, and told me to my face when I was on the stand in federal court that covid is NOT a threat to public health, completely switching their narrative for political gain. We lost our case but went on to collect the signatures anyway in pandemic conditions… The Dems then went on to remove the Green presidential candidate from the ballot in the PA Supreme Court, with a partisan vote, over an affidavit issue that precedent says in non fatal. In addition, the PA Constitution clearly states that an amendment would have needed to be voted on in order for the mail in ballots to be Constitutional. Our Chair of Legislative Action is currently fighting that case and the next stop is the SCOTUS. The Democrats this year literally changed election law for their own benefit while working to deny anyone else relief. The Republicans are not innocent either. They knocked two off our best candidates off the ballot with legal challenges.

This incident is not an isolated case.  We reported on November 19th how one Internet expert created a script and ran it against the New York Times – Edison data feed that showed how votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden via third party candidates:


(We really need to know if this was why Big Media wouldn’t show third party results on election night.)

We next reported on November 21st evidence of votes being transferred between precincts in Pennsylvania during the 2020 election in an effort to ultimately steal the election for Biden.

A statistical analysis supported the fact that 300,000 votes in Pennsylvania for Biden are questionable.

And of course, despite their recent denials, Dominion was filmed instructing how to switch votes on video

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