Battered Americans in states controlled by Democrats aren’t likely to receive any relief for the Christmas holiday season as another round of punishing lockdowns is imminent.

COVID has been the greatest thing to ever happen to Democrats who have leapt at the opportunity to unleash their innermost authoritarian and nothing would put the screws to their citizens more than the demoralizing theft of Christmas.

One governor who has reveled in his newfound power is Phil Murphy of New Jersey who has been able to fly under the radar thanks to the bombast of Andrew Cuomo, the sheer cruelty of Gretchen Whitmer, and the casual fascism of Gavin Newsom.

But make no mistake, Murphy is every bit the hypocritical tyrant and would relish the attention that he would receive from his fellow governors if he locked down the Garden State in December.

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Governor Murphy said that a statewide COVID shutdown is “on the table” although he hedged on whether he would actually go through with it.

Source: Dem Governor Mulls Shutting Down State For Christmas; ‘It Has To Stay On The Table’