It is time for men, women, and children to stand up. This is America! Land of the free and home of the brave! And it’s time for citizens with spines to remember this.

The governor of Michigan has issued a three week lockdown as her solution to combat covid. Gavin Newsom governor of California is telling people to eat with masks covering their mouths. He and other West Coast governors are directing people to voluntarily (for now) self-quarantine if they are traveling in and out of state. I guess that means if I want to visit my son and his wife, I must arrive 14 days early in order to self-quarantine. How stupid is that? But I digress.

Cuomo of New York is exercising dictatorial powers over the God-given rights of free people to gather and dine together over Thanksgiving. There are quarantine mandates in place for persons traveling through the New York and East Coast areas.

The same New Jersey governor that arrested people for going to church during his autocratic dictate denying freedom of worship, has now reduced the number of people he will permit to gather in private homes for Thanksgiving.

Well, from me to them and to all of the spineless, craven, hand-wringing willfully obedient, I can tell you that this is not happening at the Massie household.

I am an American. My family fought, suffered injury, and I have friends who suffered death in defense of America and in efforts to free other countries. I’ll be darned, if I’m going to give away my freedom because some jackbooted Marxist, people were foolish enough to elect, thinks they can tell me what to do. I will never bow to such tyranny.

It’s time for people to grow spines. If all of the people in each State stood up told these tinplate wannabe dictators to pound sand this tyranny would end.

Fauci, in a recent interview said it was time for Americans to do “as they are told” to do. He also hinted at Christmas being cancelled because of his virus. So we are supposed to let godless infidels and debaucherous deviants now silence Christmas? My church didn’t let them impact our Good Friday and Easter/Resurrection Day services or gatherings. We’re treating Thanksgiving as we always have, and a snowball on the doorstep of hell has a better chance of not melting, than there is my church and Christmas gatherings will be based upon what some heathen dictates.

I will never comply. I am one person, but I am one person who will never bow to this satanic demagoguery.

I am a born-again Christian and as such I know that no matter when the great tribulation begins as such, I will not go through it. I say that to say: If I’m not going through the real hell on earth…

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