I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote and how, but what is extremely important is this: who will count the votes.” –Joseph Stalin

Does anyone else feel like they are living through a dystopian novel, too bizarre to be real?

This is how it feels to be on the wrong side of a Color Revolution, where governments are overthrown under the color of democracy.

The U.S. government has engineered such revolutions in foreign countries but at some point the U.S. intelligence agency decided to weaponize all that experience and use it against our own country.

Color revolutions can only be successful when the mainstream media is on board and committed to pushing out the narrative of the revolutionaries.

That’s what we see playing out right now before our eyes.

But sometimes what you see on the television and computer monitors is not reality.

This is the deep state bombarding us with a massive effort at psychological warfare meant to wear down the 71 million Americans who voted Trump.

They hope to make us depressed, demoralized, deflated and totally defeated.

We can’t let them do that.

Think for a moment what would have happened if this epic unfolding of events had been reversed.

What if Trump declared himself the winner and the Biden team had overwhelming evidence of widespread ballot fraud. The media dismisses the evidence and refuses to investigate it, while running with the Trump narrative that he won fair and square, shutting down Biden’s Twitter account and flooding the airwaves with joyous Trump victory celebrations.

If that were the case we would see every American city of any size burning to the ground right now. People would be fleeing to the countryside in search of safety.

But that’s not the case. Instead, we have 71 million very disappointed Trump voters and not a single act of violence has been carried out to my knowledge.

That in itself should provide confirmation that you, dear reader, are on the right side of history. You are on the team that values life, liberty, the rule of law, and the idea that all people are created in the image of God.

As for the globalist elites who engineered this coup de’ tat, they know they are guilty and will use everything at their disposal to silence and smear those brave souls who are reporting the truth.

Psychological warfare

And they know the only way to conquer us is by psychological warfare. Don’t let them get inside your mind. Once they get you to that weakened state, they know they’ve won. They will get you to make compromises, small ones at first, like just concede that Biden is your president, only to be followed by bigger and bigger ones. Obey his nationwide mask mandate, followed by his executive orders to turn in certain weapons, followed by a vaccine mandate. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in four years if the sheeple obey.

Many prominent Republicans have already waved their white flags and abandoned Trump, without whom most of them wouldn’t have been elected. Mitt Romney was one of the first. No surprise there. All that says is they did not go into politics for the right reasons. They crave the adoration and respect of all the wrong people – those in the media, Big Tech, the corporate jetsetters, the university presidents and the foundations whose coffers overflow with cash. They were never on our side, but the beauty of Trump is he drew them out. We no longer have to wonder who they are and why they hate we, the common people, the working people, the middle class, the small-business owners. They despise us. They always despised us but they were such clever liars. Now they can never look us in the eye again.

Any so-called journalist or political leader who says they don’t see any evidence of widespread fraud simply doesn’t wish to look at it. All they have to do is get on Parler, a social media platform that is allowing people to report their voting experiences, and then start investigating for themselves.

HAMMER and Scorecard

But the biggest elephant in the room may be the HAMMER software program and its specialized Scorecard application.

This program was developed by Dennis Montgomery, a private contractor for the U.S. government’s National Security Agency [NSA] in the early 2000s. In 2009, according to Montgomery, now a whistleblower, the CIA got ahold of HAMMER and turned it over to the Obama administration, which used the HAMMER to spy on American citizens, something it was never intended for. Some familiar Trump haters, John Brennan and James Clapper, were reportedly involved in this technology transfer.

Montgomery turned over 47 encrypted hard drives proving his allegations to James Comey’s FBI in Miramar, Florida, in August 2015 and Comey did what he always does when presented with…

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