By: Brian Evans

Already, the radical left has spent years, demonizing entire races of people, declaring that they were racist, solely based on the white color of their skin! They have attacked blacks and hispanic Americans, calling them vile and racist names, and then justified it, solely based on their support for a President who finally was fighting to make a difference and improve the lives of their families, their friends, and their fellow Americans, and especially because President Trump fought to put America and ALL AMERICANS FIRST! We have a radical left that puts the interests of a globalist, authoritarian, anti-constitutional, and anti-freedom agenda over the well-being and interests of our great people! And now we continue to see that hate-driven, greed-filled, lust-for-power driven elitist party who has infiltrated and corrupted countless agencies within our government, wage war on our traditions, our beliefs, and our God!

This past year, ENR repeatedly reported on how colleges and universities were brainwashing their students into believing that America is evil, our people are racist hate-mongers, and all while convincing them to use hate, violence, and racism against their fellow Americans, yet believe that it is their victims, who believe in true equality and justice for all, and who fight for the plight of all human beings, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation, are somehow inherently evil by nature, and therefore somehow deserve it! Sadly, the only evidential reason is the fact that they attack them, is that their victims believe in our Constitutional Republic, in freedom and equality for all, and usually believe and put their faith in the God Almighty himself!

One example of the left-wing hate-driven and racist education, as well as radical brainwashing of our youth in colleges and universities could be seen at Macalaster College, which is located in Minnesota, truly exemplified just how miseducated, and how brainwashed they have made the youth of our great American nation, due to their institutionalized lies, misconceptions, and distortions that college and university professors, teachers, and educational institutions have inundated our youth with in America!

In fact, The College Fix caught on camera, just how distorted college students grasp of reality, and true history is, as they espoused falsehoods and misconceptions!

For example, the Macalester College actually said that it’s not okay to celebrate Thanksgiving because it glorifies genocide, and tried to falsely label capitalism as racist. They said…

“[Thanksgiving] is kind of just based off of the genocide of indigenous people. I don’t think we give thanks on Thanksgiving, we just eat a bunch of food and it’s just a bunch of Capitalist bulls**t.”

Another stated that Americans…

“celebrate unethical holidays” and pointed to Christmas break.”

Another not only attacked Christmas as evil and unethical, but he said that…

Christmas and Easter are “worse than Thanksgiving.”

Sadly, Macalester is a small private Christian college, and the students not only talk with vile and vulgar language, but they fail to even acknowledge the importance of Thanksgiving, in regards to God, and what it truly means to be a Christian, as well as the significance of Christmas, BUT EVEN EASTER, which is one of the most important events in Christian history!

Video via The College Fix…

So why does the radical left hate Thanksgiving, and even Christmas so much?

In reality, they are teaching from Karl Marx and Frederick Engels Marxist playbook, perfectly! Under communism, the radical left-wing ideology needs for all mankind to turn its back on life, liberty, and justice for all! More importantly, Marxism’s greatest enemy is Christianity, in that a Marxist state cannot have any figure put before the State, and Christians put God before country…a notion that defies Marxism in every way!

In addition, Global Marxists need to not only eliminate God, but the family unit as well. That is why they have waged war on anything that idealizes the family unit! Therefore, American Marxists (aka Progressive Democrats) have joined global Marxists in slowly trying to erode the family unit. Democrats and the mainstream media have worked to accomplish it by justifying the murder of ones unborn child, as well as demonizing those who fight for the babies who cannot fight for themselves. They fight to take the power of parents, and reassign those parental rights to the all-powerful, all-controlling bureaucratic state! Colleges and universities are actively working to turn children against their parents, and even God himself! The list could go on and on…

This year, they are upping their war on family and God, as the Global Elites at the CDC are proclaiming, in a printed manual, that Americans should celebrate Thanksgiving outside in the bitter cold, while wearing masks in-between bites, or do so virtually! They tell Americans not to do pot-lucks, not to pass food, and a host of other regulations on how a free society is to celebrate!

Sadly, Thanksgiving is one of the more recent targets of a now radical and demented left-wing Marxist army of haters, but is their story the true story?

The History Channel reported

The first Thanksgiving meal in Plymouth probably had little in common with today’s traditional holiday spread. Although turkeys were indigenous, there’s no record of a big, roasted bird at the feast. The Wampanoag brought deer and there would have been lots of local seafood (mussels, lobster, bass) plus the fruits of the first pilgrim harvest, including pumpkin. No mashed potatoes, though. Potatoes had only been recently shipped back to Europe from South America.

Pumpkin pie was a staple on New England Thanksgiving tables as far back as the turn of the 18th century. Legend has it that the Connecticut town of Colchester postponed its Thanksgiving feast for a week in 1705 due to a molasses shortage. There could simply be no Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.”

Cranberries were eaten by Native Americans and used as a potent red dye, but sweetened cranberry relish was almost certainly not on the first Thanksgiving table. The pilgrims had long exhausted their sugar supply by November 1621. Marcus Urann canned the first jellied cranberry sauce in 1912 and eventually founded the cranberry growers cooperative known as Ocean Spray.”

However, the feast was more than simply a meal! In fact, it was a celebration of the harvest that had been brought in by the Wampanoag Indians and the Pilgrims! It was a celebration for the Pilgrims that they would survive the impending winter! It was a celebration of the Wampanoag and Pilgrims that solidified their pact to defend one another from other less hospitable tribes! And for the Pilgrims, it was a way to give thanks to God for the food, their survival, and all the blessings that the Lord had bestowed upon them!

Over the subsequent years, Thanksgiving was celebrated off and on, and as the History Channel wrote…

America first called for a national day of thanksgiving to celebrate victory over the British in the Battle of Saratoga. In 1789, George Washington again called for national day of thanks on the last Thursday of November in 1777 to commemorate the end of the Revolutionary War and the ratification of the Constitution. And during the Civil War, both the Confederacy and the Union issued Thanksgiving Day proclamations following major victories.”

The first official proclamation of a national Thanksgiving holiday didn’t come until 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln called for an annual Thanksgiving celebration on the final Thursday in November. The proclamation was the result of years of impassioned lobbying by “Mary Had a Little Lamb” author and abolitionist Sarah Josepha Hale!

Hale pushed for making Thanksgiving an American tradition for 36 years, posting numerous editorials, as well as sent tons of letters to governors, senators, presidents, and other politicians, which ended up giving her the name “Mother of Thanksgiving. wrote…

Abraham Lincoln finally heeded her request in 1863, at the height of the Civil War, in a proclamation entreating all Americans to ask God to “commend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife” and to “heal the wounds of the nation.” He scheduled Thanksgiving for the final Thursday in November.

After President Lincoln established the Holiday, it remained unchanged until Franklin D. Roosevelt altered the day in 1939, when he moved it up one week, as he tried to help further increase profits of businesses, by expanding the Christmas shopping season! The change in the Thanksgiving holiday became known as ‘Franksgiving’, and due to a political backlash, it was restored to the fourth Thursday in November!

Sadly, the radical marxist left has been wining their war against the importance of not only Christmas, but Thanksgiving as well! In fact, Thanksgiving traditions have lost religious importance, as Americans seem to be more interested in giving thanks to their friends, colleagues, or anyone else rather than the Almighty God! As a result, Thanksgiving which once focused on thanking God for all the blessings of liberty, blessings of food and bounty, and blessings of good health, has now become an afterthought!

As a result, families who were once inseparable have become separated, friendships that were once bound by trust, have become filled with misgivings and bitterness! Marriages that were once bound by a pledge of loyalty, have become bitter and broken! Families that were once the bedrock and foundation for one another, have become bitterly divided and lacking in unity! Therefore, while some families refuse to gather, others spend their holiday in a bottle of liquor or pills! Others, gather with people with similar grudges and divisions, only feeding into their hate and bitterness! Some families get together with each other, out of a sense of duty, while still refusing to truly connect through communication and love! Meanwhile, too many people find themselves so full of pride, that they refuse to truly talk, listen, and love! Too many people think of Thanksgiving as a time to embrace gluttony, instead of embracing that which matters most, God and family! Sadly, food hasn’t always been about gluttony, but instead a time when families and friends could sit around the dining table, share the important events of their life, and enjoy one another’s company! Regardless, most families don’t even eat together, except maybe on Thanksgiving, if they even do then!

Meanwhile, greed has infiltrated America and much of the world, as retailers move up their black Friday sales into Thanksgiving day, as they focus on the almighty dollar, rather than the Almighty God! A trend that would not happen, if so many Americans and people of the world didn’t focus on material objects, rather than what matters most, family, friendship, and God! Sadly, it is another sign that the radical left-wing Marxists have been winning their war on the things that matter most!

Yes, today Thanksgiving has become more about food, football, and profit than about giving thanks to God for all that he has bestowed upon us including… our family, friends, or the blessings of this great American nation!

As a result, our nation is suffering, our families are broken, and our children are lost! Our elections have been riddled with fraud, our nation has reached a precipice, as it sits on the brink of its own demise! Therefore, it is no wonder why students at Macalaster College call Thanksgiving unethical! It is no wonder why so many Americans have turned their backs on not only their own families but against the Lord God Almighty! After all, too many in our nation have been doing it for years, and only have gone through the actions of righteousness and belief, rather than practicing righteousness and faith! After all, Marxists in colleges and universities who are teaching anti-Americanism and atheism by feeding our children misinformation and distorted lies. Combine that with Democrats and the Mainstream Media who propagate those lies and fallacies on a 24-hour news cycle.

This has led Americans to willingly try to destroy and end one of the greatest nations in history, as the Global Elites empower and enrich themselves, on the backs of a subservient, so they can weild unlimited power and wealth, subseaquently stripping ‘We the People’ of all that we once held dear…life, liberty, and prosperity, in one of the greatest nation on earth!