By: Brian Evans

The United States of America is still a young nation, but one rife with corruption and trouble! Sadly, I am now reminded of a story that has been told and retold in our nation. It goes something like this:

Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out to him…

“Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?”

Franklin simply responded by stating…

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

Never have his words rang so true, as our nation has become riddled with corruption, rife with fraudulent vote counts, consumed with violence and hate, and now is teetering on the cliff, as it begins to plummet into the depths of a Marxist takeover!

Yes…this month we have had an election, that was invalidated by a Deep State that democrats claim doesn’t exist, validated by a Media who despises truth while promoting their own pro-marxist propaganda, protected by an FBI and other governmental entities which were strategically place by Obama and other pro-Global Elites, and financed by corporate elites who are trying to buy their way into the new elitist club, much like took place during the Nazi occupation of Europe.

Sadly, a number of Americans have become sheeple, or Americans who blindly follow and vote for a Party, regardless of what they stand for, and sadly many others who openly support anti-American, anti-freedom agendas, simply because they have turned their back on God Almighty, and allowed the sins like greed to consume their soul, as they demand what others have earned…for themselves!

Regardless…we Christian patriots fight on and uphold our beliefs, our faith in God, and defend liberty!

I hear some Christians try to reassure me that everything will be alright, and that God will watch over and protect our great nation! They tell me that he will not forsake the United States of America, but is that true! Will God stand by a nation that has become consumed with thievery, violence, intolerance, murder, lust, and other sinful and self-serving actions! Will he stand by a nation that has turned its back on him, curses his very name, or declares him dead or non-existent? Or, has he forsaken the wicked in this nation? Only time will tell!

Today, we see numerous states like Colorado, New York, California, Oregan, and Washington who have legalized hard and even psychadellic drugs, not merely allow, but promote fornication, turn a blind eye to thievery and violence, and all while simutaenously targeting Christians and godly behavior…rewarding the wicked, and punishing the good! Today, we have schools that promote atheism, while simutaneously banning and forbiding christian beliefs, symbols, and even prayer! We have media who promotes lies and distortions of the truth for their own gain, yet demonize those who fight for truth, justice, and peace. Meanwhile, those fighting for good, they ask for nothing in return except freedom, justice, and their right to serve God!

Yes, God is alive and well in America as he stands by those who put their faith in him, but does he continue to stand by our American nation, as so many Americans have forsaken him, or has he cast them aside, undeserving and hollow!

Does this mean I have given up on the greatest nation on earth? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I will fight for a nation that throughout the years has given myself and others so much! However, now I fight for my children, and future grandchildren! I fight for our right to believe in and worship a kind and merciful God, who stands beside me! I fight for our right to be free-thinkers, our right to labor in a job that we find rewarding, and be rewarded by that job both emotionally, financially, and most importantly…spiritually!

Ultimately, in the end, they can take my freedom, they can take my worldly posessions, and they can take my life, but they can NEVER TAKE MY FAITH IN GOD, OR THE REWARDS THAT I WILL HAVE BECAUSE I PUT MY LIFE IN HIS HANDS! Therefore, now is the time for Americans, especially American Christians to stand up and fight! Fight for our rights, and our freedoms! It is time for us to demand truth and justice! It is time for us to defend our nation, and show the Lord Almighty, that we will keep fighting for him, and his glory! Nobody can know where this is all headed, but we can show God that we have faith in him, and fight for his word, and the world he gave us to cherish and defend! And most importantly, we can rest assured that if we fight for our faith and for our God, he will not forsake us!