Last month, the Akonadi Foundation was touting “occupations” of houses by the activists it backs. The “occupations” were said to “reclaim” the houses from real estate “speculators”.

The hypocrisy was obvious considering that the foundation is the project of Quinn Delaney and Wayne Jordan. Jordan is a major real estate developer and Democrat donor. The lefty power couple have their own multi-million dollar places in Piedmont and Manhattan.

Quite a few homeless people could be housed there if they were occupied and reclaimed.

Not only do Jordan and Delaney enjoy the good life, but their son, aspiring rapper TMG Fresh, bought an $8 million mansion in Beverly Hills, while their other son bought Demi Lovato’s $8.25 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. While Jordan is black, TMG Fresh looks like a white kid playing dress-up, giving life to the rumors that his real father was Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner.

Source: The Police Defunding Foundation Behind Kamala Harris – Frontpagemag