I live in God’s waiting room. That’s a euphemism for a place that has a large number of senior citizens who are scooting around in golf carts, playing golf and bridge, and taking daily walks in hopes of fending off the grim reaper. Alas, no one gets out alive. I am in the Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida metro area.

I am now an official member of the senior set and have accepted my fate that I am playing in overtime with no guarantee of a game tomorrow. So let me set you straight about the reality of Covid for us seniors.

We are doing fine and the disease is contained. Yes, the number of cases is going up, but that does not mean they are being hospitalized or dying in droves. The facts show otherwise. The Sarasota/Bradenton area not only boasts a large plus 65 population (this area has been identified as one of the top retirement communities in the United States) , but it also has a large influx of snowbirds–i.e., people from Canada, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan who would rather dig their toes in the sandy beaches than shovel snow. This is a recipe for massive spread of Covid. So let’s look at what is happening.

The data I present is provided courtesy of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. They do a daily Covid update (see here). Despite the media hype that Covid is spreading and we are doomed, the actual numbers tell a different story:

Sarasota Memorial Hospital (aka SMH) has had a total of 997 Covid patients since the outbreak was being tracked last March. As of today, Friday, there are 32 Covid patients in the hospital, which counts a total of 662 patients. In plain English, 4.8% of the patients in SMH are there because of Covid.
How about the ICU? There are 47 patients in the ICU but only 7 are Covid patients. That mean only 14% of the patients are Covid. That is not a pandemic. The ICU is not being overwhelmed by any measure. In fact, there were 9 Covid patients in ICU on Thursday, but 2 got better and were released. None died.

The media hysteria surrounding Covid is ignoring the actual data. Look at the patients. How many postive tests lead to being admitted into a hospital? Very few.

The death rate in the United States actually is below the average for the previous three years. Here is the CDC data for all deaths:

Total US deaths by year, all causes:

2017 – 2,0813,503 (234,000 per month) 2018 – 2,839,205 (237,000 per month) 2019 – 2,855,000 (238,000 per month)

And for 2020, we are averaging 236,000 deaths per month. Got that? It is less than that Covid panic. 2,130.000 so far this year. Guess what? Old people die. If Covid was a sweeping pandemic surpassing influenza and other causes of death from previous years, 2020 would be an undertaker’s wet dream. Fortunately it is not.

Yes, Covid is a disease and can kill people. But our medical professionals now understand how to treat it and to prevent people from dying. My neighbor, a 74 year

Source: Covid Update From Old People’s Paradise