This is rich. Tech tyrants Jack Dorsey from Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook are arguing that stripping them of 230 protections will harm free speech online. Since late 2016, after the election of Donald Trump as President, the tech tyrants have been censoring and banning non-approved conservative content on their platforms. Advertisement – story continues below The partners in crime at Google have blacklisted conservative websites in their algorithms and search results. The same is not happening on the left or with the fake news mainstream media.

Hunter with Russians in Hollywood In June 2018 the Gateway Pundit published a study of top conservative news outlets and we found that Facebook had eliminated 93% of traffic to top conservative websites since the election. Advertisement – story continues below Facebook began eliminating conservative content after the 2016 election. Numerous conservative websites went out of business.

Source: This Is Rich! Tech Tyrants Who Have Eliminated a Majority of Conservative Content on their Platforms Insist Stripping Them of 230 Protections Would Harm Free Speech