Did you vote early, or by absentee ballot for Joe Biden?

In 2016, CNN and other left-leaning publications touted the ability for a voter to change their votes after their ballots were cast, either through early voting or via absentee ballot. Strangely, there hasn’t been a lot of discussion by the mainstream media about how registered voters can change their votes if they’ve changed their minds in the wake of the discovery of the emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed by the New York Post.

Voters who chose to ignore Joe’s obvious mental decline and voted for him because they believed him when he said would come out of his basement and do something to control the spread of COVID might be re-thinking their decision as they see Joe hiding from the American public in his basement for most of October, leading up to the Nov. 3 election.

What about voters who voted for the confused candidate that many times, doesn’t even know which state he’s in because they believed President Trump was justly impeached by the Democrat majority House of Representatives? Now that they’ve discovered that according to the emails found on Hunter’s laptop, the Trump administration should have been getting to the bottom of the Biden pay-to-play schemes with foreign nations, shouldn’t they be able to

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