James O’Keefe strikes again! Project Veritas on Monday released undercover of a field organizer for Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff admitting he keeps his progressive values ‘low key’ in order to dupe Georgia ‘rednecks.’

BREAKING: Senate candidate @ossoff keeps progressive values ‘low key’ to sway Georgia “rednecks”

“On the surface portrays himself as left or moderate…deep down he’s a low key progressive”

“Genuine to a certain point…but he can’t show true self 100% of the time”


Jon Ossoff, 33, is running for the senate to flip Georgia blue. “On the surface portrays himself as left or…

Source: O’Keefe Strikes Again! Georgia Dem Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff Keeps Progressive Values ‘Low Key’ to Sway Georgia “Rednecks” (VIDEO)