Hidden audio has emerged from an anonymous source who took the election work training classes in Detroit, Michigan. And you won’t believe what the trainers are instructing the poll workers to do.

The audio,

The audio, posted in a video on YouTube, reveals that election workers are trained to try to kick out poll watchers and anyone who challenges any ballot. “They have to wear a mask, and they have to stay six feet. That’s important because if you don’t have six feet, they can’t come back there,” advises the instructor, who then goes on to say that a person standing six feet away from the ballots cannot accurately see what is going on and can’t verify any signatures, “Unless they got really good vision or they brought their binoculars.”

Trainees are told that the number one thing people will scrutinize are the absentee ballots. The solution to someone challenging an absentee ballot?

Source: SHOCK VIDEO: Detroit Election Workers Trained To Kick Out Poll Watchers, Count Challenged Ballots, Throw Out Provisional Ballots