The Vice President of Flint, Michigan’s City City Council Maurice Davis appeared in an interview with Newsmax yesterday to explain why he’s voting for President Trump.

The Newsmax host, Greg Kelly, asked Mr. Davis, “When did you first notice Donald Trump as a guy to be admired and someone who could help out your community?” He responded, “When he first got elected. I was really happy when he came to Flint in the midst of our water crisis,” Davis responded, adding, “And he came to our side of town. I was very impressed with President Trump—when he was running.”

The host told Davis he heard Mr. Davis would like to emulate President Trump. Davis responded, “Oh, yes, sir! I’d like to be like President Trump,” adding, “He’s his own man. He’s not bought by anybody. He does what he wants to do and he does it well—and I admire that.”

Kelly asked Davis if he remembers when President Trump spoke directly to the Black community, when he asked them, “What the hell do you have to lose?” Davis told Kelly, he remembered, and that he thought President Trump was speaking directly to his constituency. “We are an impoverished community,” he explained, adding, “Nobody cares about the Blacks in Flint, but Mr. Trump gave us a lot of hope,” Davis told explained how he’s actually seen the results of the Trump administration trying to help them, while other politicians, like Barack Obama, have only offered lip service to the poor residents of Flint. He explained, “Since President Trump was elected, Sec. of State Ben Carson brought over $30 million to the city of Flint,” adding, “Obama been here— he said our water is fine, you know—ain’t nothing wrong with drinking lead! And Mr. Trump tried to do something about that!”

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