There is a boatload of competition but Keith Olbermann is pulling ahead in the race to be the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The former king of MSNBC’s primetime lineup who was dethroned in favor of the slightly less unhinged Rachel Maddow is now doing YouTube shows where he spews hateful venom at President Trump and other Republicans.

It was hard to top Olbermann’s rant where he called Trump a terrorist and called for the arrest and prosecution of AG William Barr and Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett but he did it in his latest episode of The Worst Person in the World.

Olbermann is now calling for the death penalty for Trump for every COVID related death – even those that resulted from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordering infected patients to be sent into nursing homes where they killed the most vulnerable among us.

Source: LUNATIC: Keith Olbermann Calls For Trump To Face Death Penalty For COVID Deaths