Media outlets are reporting that pictures of a man snorting cocaine off of a young girl’s bare bottom are of Hunter Biden – BUT THEY ARE NOT!

The pictures are being used to insert false information into the Hunter Biden drug and corruption stories leaked this past week.  This started so the left wing mainstream media and the Democrats can claim the Biden corruption story is a conspiracy – IT IS NOT!

Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer reports:

There are currently a number of images circulating on social media that purport to depict Hunter Biden snorting cocaine off the backside of a prostitute.

These images are being falsely attributed to Hunter Biden. The sources of these uploads are several progressive media outlets like Thunder Walks About. This seems to be a part of a wider discreditation operation that aims to attack the credibility of the recently released authentic Hunter Biden images and email.

Apelbaum then provides some examples:

The picture with the number 18 crossed off in the above image is one picture floating around the Internet that claims to be Hunter Biden snorting some white powder (cocaine) off of the bottom of a naked woman.

According to Apelbaum, this picture is not Hunter Biden.

Apelbaum states:

The concept behind distributing this misinformation is to have these images circulate for a while and wait for some conservative users or media…

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