Arizona is on the verge of becoming officially ‘purple’ – a red state government with two blue U.S. senators – if Democrat challenger and former astronaut Mark Kelly winds up defeating incumbent GOP Sen. Martha McSally, a former fighter pilot who is in a dogfight to keep her seat.

Every vote will count, of course, but the race might just come down to endorsements – and McSally, a former fighter pilot, just picked up three key ones.

Tom Stafford, a former NASA astronaut, Air Force test pilot and deputy chief of staff for research, development and acquisition; Charlie Duke, a former astronaut and USAF test pilot; and Jack Lousma, pilot of the Skylab 3 Space Station mission and commander of the third space shuttle orbital test flight, said McSally, not their former astronaut colleague, is the much better U.S. Senate choice.

The trio wrote:

As former fighter pilots and test pilots, we know what it takes to get in the cockpit of a fighter jet for a test flight or combat: incredible determination, strength and grit.

That’s why we support Sen. Martha McSally. As the first woman in U.S. history to fly a fighter jet in combat and command a fighter squadron, she broke barriers in the Air Force and the military.

We remember a not-so-distant…

Source: Three Former Astronauts Back Sen. McSally Over Dem Challenger Mark Kelly