By: Brian Evans

Sadly, as Democrats wage war on America’s Constitutional Republic, they have tried to smear President Trump and Republicans as racists…ignoring the long history of their own Party’s ties to the KKK, their unanimous vote against black civil rights, and their unanimous anti-feminist voting record on women’s rights, including the right to vote! In contrast, the Republicans unanimously supported blacks and women’s civil rights, and the right to vote, and have continued to support the rights of all Americans, despite the left’s attempts to smear them as racists. 

Now, the Democrat Mayor Bill DeBlasio of New York City, an admitted communist, is living up to his party’s long history of hate and racism, as he has drawn the ire of members of various faith-based communities, for waging war on Jews in America! The Gateway Pundit reported

Under the direction of communist Mayor Bill DeBlasio New York Police rounded up Jews on Monday night during Sukkot holiday. The New York Jews were celebrating in the street. DeBlasio sent in the police to shut down the religious celebration. But Trump is a nazi? New York rounding up Jews. DeBlasio is the real Hitler.…

Meanwhile, DeBlasio has defended the radical and admittantly Marxist organization known as ‘Black Lives Matter’ who have ties to George Soros funded groups, whose ultimate goal is to wipe out Capitalism, freedom, and power in the hands of the people, especially in the United States of America! The group also has proclaimed that ‘All lives do not matter’, which sadly is a common theme amongst communist-based governments and ideologues, especially pro-freedom, and pro-God members of mankind!

Ironically, even though DeBlasio has waged war on Christians, and expecially Jews, his Administration simutaneously revealed that it would allow New York City would ALLOW SWINGERS CLUBS IN THE CITY TO REOPEN! The New York Post reported…

An underground Manhattan swingers club says it’s worked out all the kinks amid COVID-19 and is reopening — although some of the required safety measures could kill any libido.

Therefore, although DeBlasio has declared Jewish gatherings, EVEN OUTDOOR GATHERINGS are subject to punishments, indoor orgies by swingers is somehow safe with hand sanitizer and temperature checks!

Sadly, it is just another example of the hate-driven and dark agenda by the radically left-wing Democrat Party Elites, or should we say Global Marxist Elites!