Barack Hussein Obama was mocked as the teleprompter-in-chief for his heavy reliance on the text flowing across the glass screens to deliver everything from long speeches to brief remarks.

The teleprompter was an omnipresent reminder that Obama was neither natural nor authentic. He was not a gifted speaker, but a heavily rehearsed one whose speeches were the work of a committee, oral, written, and technical, that did everything but deliver the speech for him.

When Trump rose to the top of the field it was in no small part because, unlike Obama, his speeches were authentic and natural. When he reads a speech from a teleprompter, it’s obvious. And it’s those speeches in which he is the least connected to his supporters.

The Obama speeches that made Planned Parenthood supporters swoon in the aisles were teleprompter speeches. The Trump speeches that packed stadiums were wholly natural.

But at least there was no doubt that Obama was consciously and willingly delivering speeches.

When Joe Biden left the White House, he got custody of the teleprompter. But who got custody of Biden?

Speaking on the campaign trail is not a Biden skill. The first time he ran for president, he got caught ripping off a speech by British Labour leader Neil Kinnock. On the campaign trail, he had challenged a reporter to compare IQs, and more recently, called a voter “fat” and challenged him to a push-up contest. During the debates, his replies end early after running out of steam.

So it made sense for the Obama team to tether Biden to a teleprompter. But Biden’s…

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