During a recent conversation with a woman, a liberal Democrat with a characteristic animus toward President Trump, our discussion turned to “the Pandemic,” i.e. the Great UnReason of 2020

Specifically, we spoke about the rise of Mask Empire.

I tried explaining that world renowned scientists—as opposed to career bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci—have demonstrated repeatedly that masks, particularly the kinds of cloth and surgical masks that have become a daily feature of the general public, are ineffective in preventing people from getting infected with COVID-19.  Masks can even be dangerous, both vis-à-vis COVID, as well as with respect to the exacerbation of other health issues.

In fact, even some of these bureaucrats have, at one time, conceded the truth of the science behind COVID and masks.

My friend, without missing a beat, dismissed these studies as “outliers,” “biased,” and “right-wing.” 

Let the evidence speak for itself.  If anyone, with a straight face, can accuse the following researchers, studies, and organizations of the charges that my friend leveled, let them try:

Back in April, during the peak of The Virus, the New England Journal of Medicine—one of the most prestigious of medical journals and one within the pages of which Anthony Fauci and CDC head Robert Redfield themselves published this past spring—said this:

“We know that wearing a mask outside of health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection.  Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures….”

It continued:

“The chance of catching Covid-…

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