House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday morning that turning off President Donald Trump’s microphone during Tuesday night’s presidential debate would have been the “simple thing to do.”During an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Pelosi was asked if the additional presidential debates should go on as scheduled.

“I never thought that anybody should reduce themselves to being on the stage with him because we know what his behavior was going to be like,” said Pelosi, who didn’t answer the question.

“I’m just sorry that they didn’t turn off the microphone when it was Joe Biden’s turn to speak and turn it on when it was the president’s turn to speak, and we would have not had this disruption,” she added. “You would have thought that would have been a simple thing to do. He’s been enabled his whole life, and now the American people are paying a price, paying a price for the fact that no one has ever said to him, ‘no.’”

Pelosi also said that it was a “sad night for our country” because Trump refused to “disassociate himself from white supremacists.”

“I lost a lot of sleep last night over that one fact. I think one thing he did present was the authenticity of who he is,” she said.


It’s probably safe to assume just about everyone who watched Tuesday night’s first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden finished the night very frustrated.

It was also tough to watch Fox News anchor Chris Wallace jumping on every Trump interruption and “moving on” when Biden was on the ropes and struggling to answer counter-attacks from Trump

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