This morning, Kimberly Klacik, the outspoken, pro-Trump candidate for US Congress in Baltimore, appeared in the lion’s den for Trump supporters, aka “The View.”

During her interview, Klacik was subjected to the angry liberal host, Joy Behar, who attempted to smear President Trump over his handling of the Chinese coronavirus, using unconfirmed information published in Bob Woodward’s new book. “You have to put some blame on your president, here!” she demanded.

“Is this Joy? The same Joy who paraded around in blackface not too long ago?” Klacik asked

“That’s not true! Excuse me!” Behar shouted over her. “The black community had my back!” she shrieked.

The black community had your back?” the hostile The View host Sonny Hostin, asked. Hostin just couldn’t help herself and interrupted their guest, shouting, “What planet are living on?  What planet are living on?” she repeated. As Klacik attempted to respond, Hostin shouted over her “Wow!”

Klacik kept her composure and responded to the gaggle of unruly, leftist agitator hosts with class, “That was very immature, but thank you, for having me.”

Watch how The View treats guests they don’t agree with:

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