It appears this latest spat of climate change is breeding more arsonists.

An arsonist was caught on video lighting a brush fire in Kelso, Washington.

Rayza Torres posted this on Facebook.
The arsonist lit the fire at her mother’s home in Washington state.

Via Rayza Torres:

Never had my heart stop beating. My mom and daughter were put in danger today when some (excuse my language) f*cking dumb a** decided to light my moms tree on fire while my daughter and my mom were home. Everyone was screaming getting their hose to put the flames out. If this is funny and ppl think it’s a joke it’s not my FAMILY was put at risk this morning including her neighbor. I never been so sick to my stomach. Thank GOD everyone is ok and thank you and shout out to Kelso Police Department and Kelso firefighters for protecting my family and rushing to help. I can’t thank you enough. Thank GOD my mom has secruity cameras outside and was able to give the evidence to police. Please pray this guy is caught!!!!! Never been so scared in my life. I hugged my daughter who was in tears I can’t imagine how scared she was.

Source: NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: Arsonist Caught on Video Starting Brush Fire in Kelso, Washington