Yesterday, the Atlantic magazine released a hit piece on President Trump claiming that he called World War 1 Veterans losers. (More on that later)

It what should shock no one it turns out that the owner of the Magazine, Laurene Powell Jobs is a Joe Biden mega-donor.


Laurene Powell Jobs, the Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist, is acquiring a majority stake in the Atlantic magazine.

Jobs, in a statement, called the Atlantic “one of the country’s most important and enduring journalistic institutions,” and cited the links between her organization, the Emerson Collective, and the Atlantic’s founder, Ralph Waldo Emerson, who “created a magazine whose mission was to bring about equality for all people.”

David Bradley, who bought the Atlantic for $10 million almost two decades ago, will continue to own a minority stake and remain chairman for the next three years. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Laurene Powell is a Joe Biden Mega Donor:

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