Mayor Muriel Bowser, the Democrat from Washington, D.C., said Tuesday that about 70 percent of the arrests stemming from violent protests were of individuals who did not live in the city and said she is “worried about this country descending into a race war.”

Bowser got into a public clash with the U.S. attorney from the district over the few amount of arrests from the protests that actually turn into prosecutions. She said that many of the protesters arrived in the district “armed for battle” and looked for police officers to confront.

“What we’re certainly not going to do is stand by and allow outside agitators to come to our city to distract us from the work of DC residents,” she said. “We know they came together to create havoc.”

Republicans have laid the blame squarely on Democrat leadership—including Bowser—for only now coming to terms with the violent protests that have been burning in cities for weeks. Joe Biden, in a speech in Pittsburgh, condemned the violent protesters for deluding the message of those sincerely looking for social justice.

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