Soros killed a lot more black people than the police.

Philly was never safe, but the City of Brotherly Love now has the second highest murder rate.

How did Philly pass so many other, seemingly more troubled cities, to make it to the top?

For many Philly cops and crime victims, the answer is simple: Larry Krasner, or as many police officers call the radical extremist holding down the DA’s office, ‘Let-em-go-Larry.’

After over 1,100 people have been shot, the radical leftist DA, whose campaign was funded by extremist billionaire George Soros, has inescapably transformed Philly into a war zone.

In one day, 23 people were shot in Philadelphia.

On taking office, Krasner purged experienced prosecutors and ordered the survivors not to hit killers with homicide charges and to go easy on criminals as much as possible. Gang members caught with guns were sent to Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition and put back on the street.

Philadelphia police recorded a 33% increase in murders so far this year. Every year that Larry Krasner has functioned as the city’s DA, murders have gone up.

Shootings are now up 55% and the number of shooting victims has increased 36%.

In 2018, Krasner’s first year running the city’s justice system into the ground, murders rose 12%.

By 2019, murders had hit the city’s highest number in a decade. Instead of blaming the criminals. Krasner blamed poverty and lack of opportunity

Source: Philly Got a Soros DA, Its Murder Rate is the 2nd Highest in the U.S. – Frontpagemag