The theme for the third night of the Republican National Convention was “Land of Heroes,” focusing on heroism in the military, law enforcement and the front lines of first responders. The night conveyed a message of freedom in America that past generations have fought for and that is our task today to preserve with individual acts of service and heroism. And the contrast was made vividly clear between today’s Republican Party as the party that honors and seeks to preserve America’s core values of individual life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with today’s Democratic Party, which has turned into an attack machine against law enforcement and champion of government control over peoples’ lives.

The man of the hour, Vice President Mike Pence, spoke live from Fort McHenry, the site of the War of 1812 battle that inspired the writing of our national anthem. He delivered an inspiring speech that was also

Source: Pence Delivers Knock-Out Acceptance Speech – Frontpagemag