Progressive groups are demanding that all television networks delay airing the Republican National Convention until they fact-check all claims made by the featured speakers — which they didn’t demand for the Democratic convention.

“The best way to combat the spread of disinformation is to stop it at its source. By putting the Republican National Convention on a one-minute time delay, your network will be able to actively correct disinformation in real time, and prevent the American people from being lied to on your airwaves,” said a letter on Monday, signed by nine progressive groups, including an EMILY’s List PAC and Color of Change PAC. “The future of our country, our people and our democracy is at stake.”

“Several major networks pulled away from speakers during the first night of the convention to fact-check claims made by speakers,” The Hill reported. “CNN and MSNBC cut away from Patricia and Mark McCloskey, the couple that went viral after pointing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside their house in St. Louis. The networks clarified a claim the…

Source: Progressive Groups Urge TV Networks To Tape-Delay GOP Convention — So They Can Fact-Check Everything!