Wealthy Hamptons party hosts use rapid tests for guests to keep up lavish lifestyle: report

Hamptons elite party-goers are indulging in concierge coronavirus testing, sometimes to the tune of $500 per test, according to a report in the New York Times.

In an interview with Dr. Asma Rashid, the Times outlined an environment removed from the more common scenes of the pandemic.

Rashid insists that for the rich and famous, the summer was not much different from any other. The only change, in most cases, was COVID-19 testing.

“We’ve gone to these private, private, private events, where they have me sign a ‘nothing you see in this house can be leaked’ document,” Rashid said. “This is still a party town.”

While New York City built up its testing during the pandemic, other parts of the state were not able to. Suffolk County, where the Hamptons is located…

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