On Sunday night, a Portland man was beat unconscious and sent to the hospital after a group of left-wing extremists beat him and kicked him in the head when he was on the ground.

According to local reporters, the man was trying to defend someone who had been attacked by the mob. He then tried to flee the situation in his truck however he then crashed into a building and was swarmed by the radical Antifa/Black Lives Matter mob.

A crowd is gathered around the unconscious victim’s body; some are pouring water on his head,” tweeted journalist Kalen D’Almeida. “Others can be heard arguing and establishing BLM responsibility for the attack.”


“Here is what took place before the man crashed his car into a tree here in Downtown Portland,” Journalist Drew Hernandez Hernandez tweeted. “BLM thugs began to harass and physically assault him and his female partner in the street for defending someone they robbed He then began to drive away to evade them.”

Here is how it all started:

“Here are the moments shortly after the man crashes due to BLM harassment and before they knock him out in Portland,” Hernandez

Source: Portland Man Beat Unconscious For Defending Against Rioters, In Serious Condition