Antifa is pushing for a cross to be taken down on the campus of New Hope Christian College in Eugene, Oregon.

To Antifa, and their pantomimes, the cross represents racism.

But the school and the Church at large is not having it.

Last Friday, hundreds of Christians came to pray over the campus. Tim Ravan with Global Connectors was among those who were praying and told CBN News that “without intercession…nothing happens.” According to Ravan, even non-believers came to show support.

“There is a strong core of people standing for what is right…This is kingdom business and the church has to be awakened. We are standing for the cross…Cars were driving by, honking their horns and people were saying thank you. Non-believers were there to support the school. People were really responding, standing up and doing something. This is really impacting the nation, it’s a line in the sand,” Ravan concluded.

The school posted a letter on their Facebook page explaining the origin of the cross and how it is “false” to associate the cross with the KKK.

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